2/21/2010 Shiloh Social
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We took the complete pack out for some socializing at Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon on a beautiful February day.    Click on a picture for more detail.


2/21/2010 2/21/2010 On our way to Tigard, Cook Park. Shavora got to sit in the middle row of seats for her first time.

Draba can be seen in the back peaking over the seat. Kesali was also back there, but never looks up when we are on the move.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 Draba, Kesali, and Shavora wait with Sondra while Gary gets the Suburban all cleaned up after Draba's usual bought of car-sickness.

Shortly after we arrived, Vicki arrived with Flair and Berne.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 It wasn't long before Marcella arrived with Kyna and Rhedyn.

Kesali looks on as the older dogs greet each other.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 The challenge soon becomes to keep all the leashes straight as the dogs mix it up.

Once the dogs all got to say hi, we all headed out for a walk with Shavora/Sondra leading the way. Shavora was playing alpha female today.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 We stopped down by the river to catch our breath and watch the ducks.

Kesali and Draba watch the action.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 We found someone to take a group photo of all of us. These are some closeups from one of the group photos. Marcella with Kyna and Rhedyn.

Gary with Draba and Kesali.
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 Vicki with Berne and Flair, Sondra and Shavora, Marcella with Kyna and Rhedyn, and Gary with Draba and Kesali.

Vicki with Berne and Flair
2/21/2010 2/21/2010 Sondra and Shavora take the lead again followed by Vicki, Berne and Flair and Marcella, Kyna and Rhedyn, and finally Gary, Draba and Kesali.

After a good hike, Sondra had to hold our little pack while I got the Suburban ready to go again.

How do you pose 4 people and 7 Shilohs? You don't! You get what you get and pick the best.

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