About Draba    -   Born 9/13/09
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Draba (pronounced Dray-ba) is a gray sable acquired 11/09/2009 from Dayspring Shiloh Shepherds in Maryville, Tennesee.

He adjusted well to his new home and had already showed his great Shiloh intellegence. Draba made good progress on his potty training after just a couple nights in his new home. He was a neat and tiddy puppy.

As he got older, his confidence grew. He established himself as #2 dog in our then, 3-dog pack, even though he outgrew then 3-year-old Shavora. He still seems to let her remain as #1. His personality is layed back. He seems to be more of a lover than a fighter, although he did pick on his younger pack-mate (Kesali) when he could.

Draba originally lacked a strong prey drive, but has since learned to hunt mice. He does let us know when the neighbors are out in their back yard by announcing with a good, deep (manly) bark. When he greets us, he likes to lean against our legs and beg to be petted.

At 3 years old, Draba is around 110 lbs and is truely our Wolly Mammoth.

We have a website for Draba to document his growth and progress in our family. (Click the Draba Web button below.)
Draba's Web
Draba's Parents
Draba almost sleeping