Draba - May 2010 (8 months old)

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05/15/2010 - Draba gives Sondra a big kiss on the back steps.

05/16/2010 - Draba gets some inside time.
05/30/2010 - Draba and Sondra head into the crowd at Oaks Park in Portland for some serious socializing. There was a dog event here in addition to the county fair activity, so dogs were welcome.

05/30/2010 - Draba starts eyeing the people, to see who is gonna love him next.
05/30/2010 - Draba gets his first greeting for the day.

05/30/2010 - The little kids loved petting his fuzzy coat. Draba usually sniffed their face to see if there was anything yummy to lick off, then just let them pet him.
05/30/2010 - Draba looks to Sondra for support after getting mobbed by this family. He even voiced a little objection to being surrounded, but took the lead from Sondra that this was ok.

05/30/2010 - It was fun to tell people that Draba was just an 8 1/2 month-old puppy. He got lots of comments and many people asked what kind of dog he was. A couple people said, I want one just like that.
  05/30/2010 - Draba was tired of the crowd and the noise, but his protests were mild and well mannered. When we started towards the exit gate however, he let us know he was ready to go back to the car.

Click here to see Draba greeting his last little girl of the day.

5/30/2010 - Picture 1 of Marcella and Rhyden and Picture 2 of Marcella and Rhyden.